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Elena of Seattle, WA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: March 9, 2023

I was scammed for 360 dollars, their customer service gave me the run around and got no help. Their "refundable" means nothing. Know once you give them your money you aren't getting a penny back. Don't bother paying extra for "refundable", "price protection", any other protection that they'll try to scam you for, that's just wasted money. Once they get ahold of your money, kiss your money goodbye.

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Teresa of Ottawa, Other Verified Reviewer

Original review: March 8, 2023

In 2022 we booked a trip. Due to the issues with COVID, we decided to cancel the trip. We were given a full refund for the hotel but only a credit for the air travel portion. When we went to book our trip using this credit, first we could not use it towards a new package, even though this was what was originally purchased. Finally deciding to book a trip to Edmonton. We had a credit for $826.15 each (2 people). When I checked prices online I found tickets for a total of $1043.60 round trip for 2.

After several aggravating conversations with Expedia representatives, I was told that our credit was only $794.18 each and that we would have to pay an additional $83.94 per person. This brought our grand total to $1756.24 a total of $712.64 more than booking online. When I asked we, all I could get was lame excuses saying that they use a different booking system. I could not get a clear reason why on my account the credit clearly stated $826.15 yet they were only giving me $794.18. Expedia basically stole my money and would not give me any explanation. I will never book using this company again.

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keith of Allen, TX Verified Reviewer

Original review: March 8, 2023

I booked a roundtrip ticket from Dallas to Athens Greece through Expedia. It had a connection in London. Dallas to London on American operated by American and then London to Athens on American operated by British Airways. This was done in Oct 2022 for travel March 2023. Shortly after booking, there was a small schedule change from one of the airlines. When Expedia processes that, they deleted the segment of my trip from London to Athens and Athens to London on BA. I wasn't made aware of this. On the Expedia website, it has, and continues to show, that I have these flights. However, when I arrived at the airport on my day of travel, I was told I only had tickets to London and return to Dallas.

Additionally, my flight from London to Athens had been cancelled by BA, and I would have been aware of this except that Expedia had deleted this part. And, since BA cancelled, I would have been eligible for help from them in rebooking but again, BA had no record of me due to Expedia's mistake. After many hours of rudeness where agents told me I booked this online so the mistake is mine, I finally got someone who found the mistake by Expedia. As this was 3 Horus after I started the call and was already on the plane, we had to disconnect so I was told to just book my own travel from London to Athens and they would reimburse me.

So, I bought wifi on the flight and booked travel - though nothing was available for that same day so I had to spend the night in London which was additional hotel expense not planned or covered. I lost a night already paid for in Athens and had to cancel my first planned excursion in Athens. Additionally, upon returning home, since they are now separate flights, I have to collect my bags in London and then re-check them. And, since I bought too many souvenirs and my baggage is now overweight, I had to pay this fee twice since bags not checked all the way through.

Now, the worst part is that I emailed the office of the head of operations at Expedia and in their response, there was no apology! They said they were sorry an airline had cancelled my flight. But, that wasn't the root of the problem. The problem was that Expedia deleted my flights that I had paid for and never apologized for the stress and pain and expense they put me through. I will never use Expedia again.

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Nitzia of Stone Mountain, GA Verified Reviewer

Original review: March 6, 2023

Colossal power outage on a night when the temperature was frigid, as a parent one has to jump into action for their child and that's precisely what I did. In my desperation to get my 3 children to a safe location with heat, I saw the Expedia deal and booked it, and made an error on the date. Yes, I read the terms and conditions. Immediately I realized the error I contacted customer service through their chat, and the agent assured me that changing the date would not be a problem and that a ticket had been issued to help me (I explained what happened and how I made this mistake to the agent). During checkout I inquired about the date change and was told that no other reservation was in the system for me, I left and returned later to receive the same answer. Let's be clear, I was not asking for a refund, I was asking for the date to be changed to the next day.

With this response, I had no choice but to make other arrangements as the power was still out in my area. After returning to my home, I contacted Expedia, still not asking for a refund but for a credit that I can use, and this customer service was rude and did not bother looking at the previous notes where I was told that I would receive help due to my circumstances.

This rep also lied, telling me that they could not do anything about it and that it was up to the hotel chain to handle any day changes or refunds (still not asking for a refund), I proceeded to contact the hotel and spoke to the manager, who explained that Expedia deals can only be changed by Expedia and refunds can only be issued by them, that's when I realized that the Expedia rep had lied to me unnecessarily. In my desperation, I made an error, but as a parent in an emergency situation I was desperate to find a heated location for my children, I understand the rules, and I also understand that exceptions to rules are possible under certain circumstances.

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Todd of Manchester, NH Verified Reviewer

Original review: March 5, 2023

Worst vacation ever and third terrible experience with Expedia. Our vacation started with Spirit airlines delaying our flight by 3-hours because they didn't have enough staff to start boarding. We ended up booking with Delta but our luggage could not get pulled from the plane. This is another terrible experience for another day.

When we arrived in Cancun it was so late that we couldn't get the shuttle that we paid for and had to get a private taxi. Then when we checked what was suppose to be an all inclusive with ocean view hotel, we got a view of the parking lot with the hotel next door blaring loud music. The hotel was very run down and the room looked terrible. The hotel agreed that the price we paid correlated to all inclusive, but they did not offer all inclusive. We ended up checking out the next morning and requested out money back. The hotel only gave us half of what we paid. I think Expedia forgot what their mission for their business. They are suppose give people great experiences and memories and they are doing quite the opposite. Pay the extra money and book through a reputable travel agency that cares about their customer unlike Expedia.

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Susan of Sparta, MI Verified Reviewer

Original review: March 2, 2023

I had to cancel my trip to FL in Oct due to the hurricane. I was told I had $287.17/person in credits for my family of 4 and I could use them by March 2, 2023. The guy tonight tells me first that I have to actually travel by that date and that I have a year to use reschedule my flight. I canceled in Oct but he said it's not the cancelation date but the year is from the date of purchase. I asked to see this information on the website and he couldn't show it to me. He stated it was the airlines policy. I asked, "How am I to know I have to travel by this date and the year starts from my purchase date if it's not posted?" He couldn't answer, only assured me that he would share my concerns with the seniorities. Such a joke.

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Top 707 Expedia Reviews (8)

Toni of Magna, UT Verified Reviewer

Original review: March 1, 2023

I made my reservation for a St. George hotel room in early January for an April 14th trip. I purchased the "Trip Insurance" in case something happened, as tends to be my luck. Afterwards I was told I needed to have Cataract Surgery (which was scheduled in March) and would be unable to use the hotel reservation because I could not see to drive, nor could I risk infection using public water sources such as the pool or hot tub. I contacted Expedia and was told that 1, I had not cancelled the reservation before January 27th and 2, that the "medical emergency" issue I was trying to use was not one that they recognized and 3, the "Trip Insurance" I purchased through Expedia, did not cover this particular cancellation.

They "said" that they contacted the Hotel in St. George and that the Hotel would not give me a refund and when I then told Expedia that I would then just keep my reservation to secure the room, Expedia told me that I had already cancelled my reservation through Expedia, and that the hotel itself had already rebooked my room using someone on their cancelation list. This is pure bunk in that the time that elapsed between me cancelling my reservation through Expedia and NOT the actual Hotel in St. George was less than 15 minutes. So now I am out the 347 for the hotel room and the extra money that Expedia charged me for "trip insurance" that was supposedly supposed to give me "Peace of Mind" if I needed to cancel my trip for some unexpected reason.

Now that I know that Expedia's Trip Insurance is useless I will just make my reservations by calling the Hotel directly. I might not get Expedia's "Discounts" but at least cancelling my reservation a month and a half in advance will not end up with me getting a zero refund. Also, I tried to post a review on the website's review page but since I had cancelled my reservation I was no longer considered an actual "Expedia Customer" and was not allowed using my former reservation number to post a review on their customers only site.

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Nicole of Bolton, Other Verified Reviewer

Original review: Feb. 28, 2023

Absolute horrendous experience with Expedia. Stay away! Was told I could not change/cancel a booking (requested within 24 hrs of booking). Called Air Canada where they confirmed that a flight can be cancelled within 24 hrs (at this point the 26th hour) through the booking site (Expedia). Let's just say it has been 48 hrs of back and forth... lie after lie... and they are just now agreeing that they made a mistake, but are only willing to cancel 1 flight on 1 itinerary (I have 2). Why would I only want 1 itinerary to be cancelled?! Complete waste of time and money. No one at Expedia knows what they are doing. They are money hungry thieves. Stay far, far away. Use another booking site, better yet, an actual travel agent! You have completely disgusted me Expedia, after one too many trips booked with you, I am DONE! Signed, Nicole R.

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Fatma of Rochester, MN Verified Reviewer

Original review: Feb. 28, 2023

I lost about 4000$ on Expedia with terrible service. First, I had surgery in another country and complicated with internal bleeding. I had return flight and asked them to change the date. I was not able to come back d/t my critical condition. Second, I bought a roundtrip and hotel room. I just request the change the one of the flight's time within 24 hours. They double all my flight and hotel room. Then, I cancelled all of them within 24 hours, but they don't refund me. It is my money. They robbed it.

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Curtis of Valencia, CA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Feb. 28, 2023

I made reservations at a hotel thru Expedia, then less than an hour later had to cancel & change to another date. Expedia told us they called the hotel and the hotel refused to waive the cancellation fee, then wanted to upsell us on more expensive room, so we just cancelled and booked thru We called the first hotel, and they told us there was no cancellation fee: they had refunded the entire amount. Expedia lies. Now we are unable to even talk with a representative from Expedia. Expedia charged us for a day we won't use. We will never use Expedia again. Now we have to open a dispute with our CC company, which is usually pretty good with these issues. But under the circumstances (pending death in the family), it's a headache we don't need.

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