The Great Solar Flare Aka “The Event” Is Coming Says Pleiadian Light Forces!! Earth’s Ozone Layer Disappearing… Earth Magnetic Field Weakening Rapidly… And Earth Rapidly Heating Caused By Nibiru’s Approach! Pleiadian Technology To Prevent Natural Pole Shi (2023)

The great solar flare is coming – Pleiadian Light Forces transmission, 8-25-2022 Transmitted by Michael Love

A big one,

The Earth Alliance recently received a major new data transmission from the Light Forces that details a very real and imminent major solar flare that is about to occur on planet Earth. What is this great solar flare?

The great solar flare is a very high-powered solar flare, directed towards the earth, known as a super flare that can register a 50 X to 100 X or higher class on the X-ray scale. Such an intense super flare from the sun on Earth will be perceived as a blinding flash of magnetic white light. The light emitted by this large cosmic flash is exotic gamma-level light coming from an extra-stellar star in the galactic core.

Although this light is high-energy gamma rays, when it is ejected from the galactic core, but, it is greatly reduced in power after bouncing through the corona of the sun and continuing in the direction of the earth.

This highly vibrating gamma light contains extremely complex and structured universal data packets. When it comes into contact with DNA, it completely rewrites and upgrades the genetic code so that it functions at a higher, more advanced level.

This genetic upgrade will bring about a great expansion of consciousness on planet Earth.

This global biological evolutionary event is known as “the event“. This fifth-dimensional event marks the beginning of a new era of light for modern humanity, where peace, freedom and prosperity will reign on Earth.

Here are the key points about this great solar flash contained in the latest Light Force transmission.

Like all spiritual things, there is a cause behind everything and it is supported by a sound scientific explanation.

*** Pleiadian Light Forces – major solar flare transmission – key points ***

* Right now rapid warming is taking place on planet earth. Have you noticed that it is very warm? Have you noticed that it is much hotter than usual? Have you heard that if something doesn’t look good, it probably isn’t? It is true, and this is your intuition and your highest spiritual sense. It is to warn you when it is important to notice something.

What did your spiritual sense say about it being strange and way too hot?

Yes, it has been hotter than normal on the surface during the last two Earth months, about 12% hotter, and recent medical reports show that the sun’s rays cause moderate to painful burns on the skin in just a matter of minutes.

Elders say this rapid warming cycle is the primary cycle leading to the great solar flare. This recent warming of the planet began in 2012 and has only increased since then.

The Pléiadiens say that this global warming is not caused by mankind’s CO2 emissions. So what is causing the Earth to be so hot?

* The Earth’s protective ozone layer is rapidly diminishing. Earth scientists have known about the huge hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica for some time, and we can tell you that this gaping hole has not been magically repaired recently. Moreover, a new large ozone hole was recently discovered over the tropics, which is seven times larger than the hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica, and the land area affected by this giant hole is where half of the world’s population lives

Less ozone protection means more high-energy cosmic rays coming into contact with the Earth’s surface and therefore also with your body.

Why is the Earth’s ozone layer disappearing so fast?

*The Earth’s magnetic field is weakening rapidly. The magnetic field around the earth is getting weaker, and this has consequences for the whole planet. This weakened magnetic field is the main cause of the decreasing ozone layer. In addition, the magnetic poles have already shifted hundreds of kilometres in relation to each other and are completely skewed.

The weakened magnetic field of the Earth is the cause of the current global warming, but this too must have a reason, so what is it?

* Earth’s sun has a powerful twin star, some 50 billion kilometres inside theOort Cloud.

This powerful star has considerable gravity and is responsible for the gravitational tilt of every object in this solar system, as well as the procession of the equinoxes. This second sun is called the hidden sun or the black sun. It emits no light, but is 1000 times more powerful than the Earth’s sun. This sun has a companion planet in its orbit known as planet X or Nibiru.

The orbit of this ‘planet and sun’ system approaches the earth’s sun every 13,000 years, half of the equinox procession, right on schedule, and when the orbit of this cosmic system arrives atperihelionwith the earth’s sun, it causes the sun’s corona to build up a huge electromagnetic charge that will explode or flash to release particle pressure.

Elders say, that when this approaches the Sun, it causes exactly what is now observed on planet Earth, a weakened magnetic field, loss of ozone, and rapid planetary heating.

They also say that when the black sun gets close enough, the sun’s corona releases an intense plasma flash in the direction of the earth, causing instant pole reversal, instant freezing, or superheating, which triggers massive tectonic activity and creates oceanic floods miles high. A cataclysmic extinction beyond imagination is the end result.

* Complete magnetic pole reversal disaster cycle takes place on Earth every 13,000 years.

Exactly half of the equinoxes’ rotation of 26,000 years. As clockwork, humanity is almost completely wiped off the surface of the planet. Modern earth science verifies and confirms that the last 5 times this has happened in the prehistory of the earth. The last cycle was the great flood of 13,000 years ago.

It is certainly no coincidence that this was also the moment whenAtlantissank under water in one day and night. In earlier days, even though mankind was highly advanced, it did not have the capacity to prevent its downfall and extermination. The Pléiadiens say that this disaster cycle was always triggered by a super-solar flare and not by a comet or asteroid.

* The most recent information from the Light Forces shows that planet Earth is in the beginning of one of these 13,000-year cataclysmic cycles, in fact as of today Earth is exactly 9 years, 8 months and 5 days into the last 13,000-year cycle. The current cycle was predicted by the Mayan culture and began in 2012. Therefore, according to the data, we are ten Earth years into this final cataclysmic cycle, and the Earth should already be experiencing a major cataclysm at this time.

By the way, the length of the most intense planetary cataclysmic period after the pole shift and the beginning of the cataclysm appears to be about 1000-1200 years.

*If we are ten years into this 13,000-year cataclysmic cycle, and if the cataclysm should be happening to Earth now, as it has 5 times in the past, why isn’t it happening?

The Pléiadiens say, “It is known that, in Earth year 2022, Earth is currently in the time of the sixth sun that began in 2012 when the great solar flare occurred. However, this time, something very different will happen on earth. Humanity will not be destroyed, but will be immediately transmuted into the 5th dimension.”

How is this possible? For the first time in human history, humanity, with the help of Light Forces, has gained enough knowledge and technology to prevent a planetary pole shift caused by a major solar event cataclysm.

During several Earth years, Light Forces, the leaders of the light of planet Earth, have helped to develop an artificial magnetic field that can counteract a pole shift. The technology to do this is a special secret project that exists outside the public eye in Antarctica. It concerns Tesla Scalar wave technology. This technology already exists and has been used for more than ten years. This super artificial magnetic field now counterbalances the Earth’s unbalanced magnetic north pole.

The future timeline of the earth is fully known, and benevolent Light Forces have full control over these systems. It is a positive 5D gamma timeline with which humanity is ascending to the new 5D-Earth. There can never again be a planetary cataclysm of any kind.

When will we finally see the big event? When is the big solar flare going to happen? It could be today. It could be tomorrow.

What we do know is that everything in the cosmos points to the moment when ‘the event’ of our lives will happen.

The time for it to happen is now. All the characteristics of its coming, of which the ancients spoke, are now being observed on earth.

One could also say that this solar flare is the coming of the Christian light. The great solar flare is indeed imminent, and at just the right moment it will occur, you will be absorbed into the reality of the fifth dimension.

Be assured that when this great solar flare occurs, the negative cataclysmic effects will be immediately mitigated by the Pleiadian magnetic field technology.

For the first time in human history, when the great light comes, the beings of the earth have the technology and understanding of how to make it to the next desired level.

When someone listens to their inner voice, it says: the time has come. Look around you. Feel how things are subtly changing? See the sign on the wall that predicts what is to come? What is the reason for being here? I have waited so long and endured so much; when will I reach the finish line?

The wise men of the world are unanimous. They can read what is written on the wall. You are one of these wise men, and before you even wake up tomorrow, all things may have changed in a great and positive way, and then you will say: I see now why I had to wait. To see this and experience this was worth everything that I went through.

Dear ones,

Every day we look for the great light that comes from heaven, because we know this light, and we are one with it.

Thank you for coming to Earth at this time to create a better world for all.

Please feel free to share this article and tell us how you are doing on your evolutionary journey.

Good luck to you,

Michael and the Pléiadiens

Huge Event is Occurring now!

Important Earth Alliance Space Weather Update for 2022

IITM: Well folks… some more scenario/timeline data to process… I like the detail in this transmission… honestly, I was under the impression that the solar flash is preceeded by a mini solar flash that has yet to occur… AND, that the flash comes from the great central sun… so I’m not 100% convinced of THIS timeline/interpretation of events.

Nibiru… known in history as the ‘destroyer’… will it be a cakewalk? NOT likely… and I feel the Pleiadians would need more technology to minimize or neutralize any hazardous effects from it’s passage… which NORMALLY BRINGS GREAT DESTRUCTION… beyond that of pole shift destruction… potentially such as raining ice and stones… red oxide dust… tail debris… and major solar system disturbances… sooooo… stay tuned… there still could be a planetary evacuation… there are still big ever-building events happening and coming in the future… how we respond and vibrate will DETERMINE THE TIMELINE. My own personal belief is earth has to be evacuated to be ‘reset’ for a fifth dimensional reality… think about it… every single city on earth would have to become compost for the fifth dimension… so either evacuation happens, or somehow all the cities of the world are recycled… and how would that happen??? Humans lack the technology and will for that to happen… and quite frankly don’t even want to acknowledge what IS… so how can humanity resonate with the technology to recycle all of civilization, while in a state of near-death consciousness??

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