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Choosing the best 1,000-watt inverter can be time-consuming. However, this will be an essential piece of equipment that powers my tools, truck, RV, or off-grid cabin, so it must be reliable and durable.

If I’m in the backcountry or driving cross-country, I can’t exactly grab another one. Also, inverters are expensive and heavy, so you probably don’t carry a few back-ups in the old toolbox.

This article will discuss criteria I think are important when choosing an inverter and highlight a few that offer good quality and durability at a reasonable price.

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Best 1,000-watt Inverters – A Snapshot

Below is a quick snapshot based on consumer purchases.

The top two Pure Sine 1,000W inverters purchased on this site are Bestek and Renogy inverters.

  • Bestek is popular among tent and car campers. It is not as powerful as others, but it has 2AC outlets and two USB ports. It is a dependable inverter, and since many people only use it to charge electronics when camping, they don’t need as much power as they would if they were using small appliances.
  • Renogy is purchased more by RV and off-grid home groups. This reliable inverter does not take up a lot of space, and Renogy products have a good reputation. In addition, the renogy inverter is consistent and durable.

Kreiger is easily the most popular Modified 1100-watt inverter. This inverter is a workhorse and is often purchased by people using tools and small, non-sensitive electronics like lights, etc.

Best 1000-watt Inverter – Decision Criteria

There are several criteria to consider when choosing an inverter. Some of them are personal preferences like size, noise, etc., depending on where and how you will use them.

  • Pure Sine vs. Modified
  • Rating
  • Noise
  • Power Output Outlets/Ports
  • Safety Features
  • Size

Pure Sine vs. Modified

In addition to Pure Sine and Modified Inverters, there are alsoHigh-Frequency and Low-Frequency Inverters.


A modified inverter isreliable and less expensive than a Pure Sine inverter and can run most tools and household appliances.

Below is some equipment that may not work as efficiently with Modified inverters and some results you may see if you try and use it.

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  • Motors may use more power because they have to work harder.
  • Fluorescent lights often make a buzzing noise, flicker, and are not quite as bright.
  • Clocks, mostly digital clocks, may not work with a modified inverter.
  • Timers may not work.
  • Temperature controllers may not always work.
  • Computers, cell phones, and tablets are considered sensitive. As a result, they may not only not work but also be at risk of damage.
  • C-Pap machines and other medical equipment are also sensitive equipment that should use Pure Sine inverters.

Although there are disadvantages to using Modified inverters, they are inexpensive and run most tools, appliances, electronics, etc. The technology continues to be improved, and many manufacturers will insist they can run the same equipment as Pure Sine inverters, but science tells you this is not the case.

Pure Sine

Pure Sine Waves are what your local utility company produces.

These inverters are more expensive but can run any equipment. They are better with sensitive equipment.

High Frequency

The Best 1,000 Watt Inverter - Dependable and Efficient! | SolarKnowHow (1)

High-Frequency inverters are what you most often find sold.This is because they are less expensive, small, and don’t handle industrial loads or low-frequency inverters.

These inverters are good with computers, electronics, small appliances, and small tools but don’t handle machines requiring large loads well – pumps, motors, and some tools with high torque.

Low Frequency

Low-Frequency inverters have an iron core, are more expensive and durable, and usually have more features and versatility.

These inverters can handle much larger loads; some included features are listed below.

  • Hardwire additional external GFCI outlets
  • The input of multiple DC voltages
  • Dual output voltages (120/240VAC)
  • Integrate battery chargers and transfer relays

Note that manufacturers are cutting back on producing low-frequency inverters with a 1000-watt capacity or less. Nevertheless, there are still some low-frequency systems in the market, although many double as battery chargers.


The Best 1,000 Watt Inverter - Dependable and Efficient! | SolarKnowHow (2)

Planning is essential when building your solar system, and choosing the correct inverter is critical.

Make sure you know the total amount of wattage you will use.You don’t want an inverter that is too small, nor do you want to waste money on one that is larger than what you need.

The chart above provides standard wattage for many appliances, but the information is also available on the devices and electronics you use.

(Video) What Can a 1000 Watt Inverter Run?

The wattage listed on the back, bottom, or plate is the maximum amount of power used.


When choosing the best 1000-watt inverter, a noisy converter behind your truck seat or in your RV and Camp can be annoying.

On the other hand, it does not matter if the inverter is loud if you are using noisy tools. This is why many contractors choose Modified Inverters. They may be a little noisier, but it does not matter where they use them.

Consumers will let you know if an inverter is noisy,so check out reviews and forums. I have also captured that information in the longer reviews below.

Power Outlets/Ports

Most inverters have 110AC Outlets and both 2.1 A and 2.4 A (Smart) USB ports.

I don’tcare much about USB ports on a Modified Inverterbecause I’m probably not going to use a Modified inverter for my sensitive electronics.

On the other hand, AC outlets are critical for my tools, and if I’m only using tools, then a less expensive Modified inverter is fine.

A Pure Sine inverter must have USB ports when I’m camping or in an RV or cabin. Kids like to play games and watch TV; I need them for my laptop and phone.

Safety Features

The Best 1,000 Watt Inverter - Dependable and Efficient! | SolarKnowHow (3)

Most modern inverters have safety features, with two critical features being surge protection and temperature control.

When deciding on the best 1000-watt inverter for you, high voltage, voltage overload, short-circuit protection, etc., are all safety features.

In addition to LED indicators, alarms, and LCD Displays,modern inverters have Smart Coolingfans that turn on and off the inverters according to preset temperatures.


(Video) TOP 4 Best 1000 watt inverter 2023

One note on size and weight.CHECK THE MANUFACTURER’S WEBSITE.Amazon specifications are often wrong, so check the manufacturer’s specifications. I’ve done this in the comparison guides.

Size is dependent on where you put the inverter. Are you squeezing it into a small, tight space in your car or boat? Do you have much more room in your truck or cabin?

When choosing the best 1000-watt inverter, measure your space requirements before purchasing.

The Inverters I like and Why I Chose Them

There are a lot of inverters to choose from, but they all have their differences. If you read the 2000W inverter article and the 3000W inverter article, you will find that the same inverter may not be reviewed in both articles. This is because some manufacturers make better low output inverters, and some produce better higher output inverters.

Many people will look at my choices and immediately say, “Well, “XYZ” is so much better,” I’ll agree there are other inverters that are just as good, but these are very good inverters, and they meet my requirements.

Renogy 1000W Pure Sine Inverter

The Best 1,000 Watt Inverter - Dependable and Efficient! | SolarKnowHow (4)

The Renogy 1000W Inverter is a durable, efficient 1000-watt inverter with plenty of power, five safety systems, and a remote starter. This is the inverter I would choose for tools and small appliances, with 1AC outlet and 2 USB ports. The remote starter is a nice feature that makes the inverter easily accessible if you have to place it in a tight space out of the way.

The inverter has LED lights, a simple on/off switch, two cooling finds, and an AC terminal block. It is nice to see an AC terminal block on a 1000W inverter since this allows you to wire directly.

Positive – This is a well-made inverter with convenient features like a remote starter and a terminal block for direct wiring.
Negative – there is not much that is bad. However, the cables provided are a bit light, and you may want to upgrade depending on how you use them.

You can also purchase from Renogy and

Bestek 1000W Pure Sine Inverter

The Best 1,000 Watt Inverter - Dependable and Efficient! | SolarKnowHow (5)

The Bestek 1000W inverter is a good inverter for camping and as a backup power source. This is a portable inverter that is good for camping trips or to keep in my RV. You can keep the kids’ electronics charged with 2 AC outlets and 2 USB ports and power your small appliances.

This is also a great portable inverter to move around as needed without worrying about connecting and reconnecting it. This is a dependable inverter that performs consistently.

Positive – a user-friendly inverter with plenty of connections. Safety functions prevent overheating, and a clear digital display monitors the output.
Negative – You won’t have as much surge power as you will in Bestek, Renogy, etc., but plenty for your needs. The inverter fuses are also built-in, so you won’t be able to change them if they fail. There are four fuses, so you should be in good shape.

Krieger 1100W Modified Inverter

The Best 1,000 Watt Inverter - Dependable and Efficient! | SolarKnowHow (6)

Krieger stands behind the Krieger 1100W inverter with a 3-year warranty. This is often the inverter you will find on trucks and in shops. This reliable, powerful inverter has a remote starter and is flexible with 2AC outlets and 2USB ports. It also comes with battery cables and an ANL fuse kit.

There are numerous safety features (Overload, Temperature, short circuit, etc.) and two cooling fans to ensure protection.

Positive – With 2AC outlets and 2 USB outlets, there is plenty of versatility. Again, you can’t beat the three-year warranty. Few other companies offer this.
Negative – The on/off switch and remote are for standby mode. You will have to turn off the inverter on the back of the unit. Keep this in mind, or you will drain batteries.

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Energizer 1100W Modified Inverter

The Best 1,000 Watt Inverter - Dependable and Efficient! | SolarKnowHow (7)

The Energizer 1100W inverter is very similar to the Krieger inverter. Energizer has a reputation everyone is familiar with, and this inverter comes with a two-year warranty to support its reputation.

This inverter comes with 2 AC outlets, 2 USB outlets, and an LCD screen. It also has numerous safety features like the Krieger inverter – overload, over-voltage, under-voltage, high temperature, short circuit, and dual Smart cooling fans. All the safety features are displayed on the LCD screen.

Unlike the Krieger, though, it does not have the convenience of a remote starter.

Positive – this is a quiet inverter with good hardware, unlike some inverters with fewer sturdy posts for connections. Feedback is consistent and primarily positive for this unit.
Negative – The cables provided are not negative, but they are short. This is relatively common across many of these inverters. Unless you set the inverter up immediately next to its use, plan to buy some longer cables.

Best 1000-watt Inverter – Final Thoughts

All these inverters have differences, even within their own Pure Sine Wave and Modified categories. Ultimately, the right inverter for you depends on how you plan on using it.

The Renogy inverter with its AC Terminal Block is good for a small cabin if you want to wire it directly. This is also a dependable inverter that receives good reviews.

If you want an inverter for camping with your family, then Bestek may be a good choice. The Bestek inverter has multiple ports and outlets so you can charge devices, and it is easy to pick up and move around where needed.

Krieger is a workhorse, but it is a modified inverter, so you may want to keep it for your off-grid cabin or power tools. It is durable whatever you use it for, and with a three-year warranty, you can’t go wrong.

The Energizer Modified Inverter has all the features you need at a great price. It does not offer a remote starter or ANL fuse kit like Krieger, but if you just want a good, solid economical inverter, this is the inverter you should consider.

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Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means that when you click on one of these links, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Also, as an Amazon Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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What are the top 5 inverters? ›

So, what are the best inverters?
InverterInput Voltageefficiency
LuxPower Hybrid Inverter LPX 5K ACSDC, 140 v97.5%
Huawei Sun2000 5kDC, 200 v97.5%
SMA Sunny Boy 5.0DC, 125 v96.5%
Growatt MOD10-15KTL3-XDC, 200 v98.1%
6 more rows
Apr 23, 2023

What is the efficiency of a 1000W inverter? ›

To be precise, in the state of 10VDC, the maximum current required for a 1000W inverter is 133.6A. When the battery voltage is at 15.5V, 1000W/15.5V=64.5A, the conversion efficiency is 88%, and the current at the battery end is 64.5A/0.88=73.2A.

How long will a 1000W inverter last? ›

For a 1000-watt inverter running at full capacity, you can expect a 200 amp-hour battery to last roughly 2 hours. At half capacity, you could get four hours; quarter capacity could last eight hours, and so on.

What is the best rated inverter? ›

Top 5 Inverter Generators
  • Best Fuel Usage: WEN Portable Inverter Generator.
  • Easiest To Move: DuroMax Hybrid Portable Generator.
  • Best Open Frame: WEN 4000-Watt Open Frame Inverter Generator.
  • Best Outlet Options: Champion Power Equipment Inverter Generator.
  • Best Capacity: Westinghouse Portable Inverter Generator.

Whose inverter is best? ›

Best Overall - Luminous Zolt 1100 Pure Sine Wave 900 VA/12 V Inverter. Out of all the top-ranking inverters on this list, the Luminous Zolt 1100 Pure Sine Wave 900 VA/12 V Inverter is an all-time bestseller throughout the year.

How do I choose an inverter? ›

A 3-step guide to choose the right inverter & inverter batteries
  1. Step 1: Identify Your Power Requirements. Do not get baffled by the word 'Identify'. ...
  2. Step 2: Check the VA Rating of the Inverter. ...
  3. VA = Power Requirement/Power Factor. ...
  4. Step 3: Get an Appropriate Battery for the Inverter.

Is a bigger inverter better? ›

Using an inverter that is too large is also inadvisable. Inverters work at optimal efficiency when operating at (or close to) their maximum capacity. Therefore, using an inverter that is considerably larger than your solar array can make the inverter less efficient.

What strength inverter do I need? ›

You can easily estimate the size inverter you'll need by adding up the largest number of watts you'll be using at a given time and adding 20%. For example, let's say you need 1,500 watts to run your computer and microwave at the same time. Take 1,500 + 300 (which is 20% of 1,500) = 1,800 watts.

How many batteries do I need for a 1000 watt inverter? ›

So, with this information at hand, a common 100Ah-150Ah lithium battery of this type can deliver enough energy to operate a maximum of a 1000w inverter. When calculating the amp usage of an inverter, you take the output wattage of the inverter and divide it by the battery voltage, i.e. 1000W ÷ 12V = 83.33 Amps.

How long will a 100Ah battery last with a 1000W inverter? ›

'How Long Will A 100Ah Battery Last' Calculator
Appliance Power Draw (Watts):How Long Will 100Ah Battery Last:
800W1.5 Hours
900W1.33 Hours
1,000W1.2 Hours
1,100W1.09 Hours
21 more rows

Will a 1000W inverter run a refrigerator? ›

Yes, a 1000 W inverter can run a refrigerator. If it's a newer, more efficient model, then yes. Most current refrigerators that are around 16 cubic feet in size should be able to be powered by a 1000-watt inverter with a 2000-watt surge capacity.

How long can I run an inverter continuously? ›

Small Inverters: Most automobile and marine batteries will provide an ample power supply for 30 to 60 minutes even when the engine is off. Actual time may vary depending on the age and condition of the battery, and the power demand being placed on it by the equipment being operated by the inverter.

How many batteries do I need for my inverter? ›

It may be advisable to operate the inverter from a bank of 12, 24 or 48 Volt batteries of the same type in a “series” and/or “parallel” configuration. If you parallel two such batteries this will generate twice the amp/hours of a single battery; three batteries will generate three times the amp/hours, and so on.

Do inverters use a lot of battery power? ›

If you leave your inverter turned on with no load attached, the average draw from your batteries will be 1 amp per hour; 24amps per day; or 168 amps over a week. The simplest solution to this is to just turn the inverter off when not required as the battery drain then becomes zero.

Is it worth it to buy an inverter? ›

In terms of energy savings, an inverter AC is always the best option. In these systems, the compressor runs at a lower speed when necessary but does not switch off completely until the unit is switched off. Conversely, in non-inverter ACs, the compressor starts and stops frequently, leading to higher power consumption.

Which size inverter is best for home? ›

It protects against overload and short circuits. The capacity of the inverter here means that the maximum power limit demand to which it can operate and provide electricity. Ideally, inverters between 756-1000 W are best suited for homes. There are several other types of inverters based on capacity as well.

Which batteries are best for inverters? ›

Lead-acid batteries: These are the most preferred types of batteries that have been in use for decades and are rechargeable in nature. Lithium-ion batteries: These are rechargeable batteries that have been coming into use a lot in the past few decades as they prove to be better than any other type of battery.

What is the price of a good inverter? ›

Typically, home inverters range from R2,500 to R25,000 in price. The price of a solar inverter is relatively higher than a standard one due to its advanced technology and additional features.

What to know before buying a power inverter? ›

Look for an inverter or inverter/charger that can handle such peak power demands by delivering up to 200% of its continuous power rating. Outlets – Consider how many outlets you will need and whether you need special protection from GFCI outlets for wet or humid environments.

How do I calculate what size inverter I need? ›


Recall, the total power consumed by your home (total wattage) – 460W. Therefore, required VA rating of inverter = (460/0.8) = 575VA. This is approximately a 0.6kVA (600VA).

Does battery size matter with an inverter? ›

Batteries have limits to how much current can safely be used without causing excessive wear and tear or damage. Having a battery bank that is too small for the inverter rating can lead to several issues.

What happens if inverter is undersized? ›

Undersizing can result in higher daily power production

Undersized inverters will ramp up quicker in the mornings, and ramp down slower in the afternoons. If you graph the power output, you'll see a slightly lower peak production, but higher morning and evening production, resulting in a fatter power production curve.

Is it OK to oversize an inverter? ›

Is it safe to oversize solar inverters? Just about every inverter in the market is designed to safely manage one-third (133%) of additional energy from the solar array. As long as the solar system is designed and installed by a reliable company, there should be no safety concerns with oversizing your inverter.

How long will a refrigerator run on an inverter? ›

Keep your refrigerator running even during power cuts
Inverter VA ratingBattery AhNo. of hours on inverter battery

What size inverter do I need to run a fridge? ›

As a general rule, a 2,000W inverter can run a refrigerator smoothly. Your inverter will need to handle the continuous wattage as well as handle the surge power for a split second. Most refrigerators require a power of 300-600 watts, but the surge wattage can be about 2-3 times higher.

Are lithium batteries good for inverters? ›

Lithium ion batteries are especially well-suited for inverters because they have a high voltage and long life. They also have low self-discharge rates, meaning they can be reused many times. This makes Lithium ion batteries an ideal choice for inverters because their energy storage capacity can be increased.

Can I use 12V battery for 1000W inverter? ›

For safety reasons, it is always recommended to go for a somewhat larger battery - generally, regardless of the battery chemistry 12V 100Ah battery is the smallest battery recommended for the 12V 1000W power inverter.

How many amp hours does a 1000W inverter use? ›

So, you've figured out what size inverter you'll need to power your life on the road, now you'll need to work out what size battery you'll need to power the inverter. An easy rule to remember when choosing a battery is that every 100Ah of battery will power a 1000W inverter.

Is it better to have one 200Ah battery or two 100Ah batteries? ›

Amount of Power store (200Ah Vs 100Ah Vs 150Ah )

And the amount of power stored in a 12V, 150Ah battery will be equal to 12x150=1800Watt. Hence a 12V, 200Ah battery stores twice the power stored in a 100Ah battery and 1.3 times power more than a 150Ah battery.

How many solar panels does it take to charge a 100Ah battery? ›

You need around 270 watts of solar panels to charge a 12V 100Ah lead acid battery from 50% depth of discharge in 5 peak sun hours with a PWM charge controller.

Will a 100W solar panel charge a 100Ah battery? ›

Yes, you can charge a 100Ah battery with a 100W solar panel. The only question is how long it will take. A completely discharged 12V 100Ah battery will take approximately 2 days to charge fully.

Will a 1000-watt inverter run a coffee maker? ›

Typically, your standard coffee pot is going to require at least 750 watts of electricity. A standard 8- or 12-cup coffee maker will require at least 750 watts, but you should probably use a 1000-watt inverter to be safe. An espresso machine will use even more voltage. Typically, they require 2000 watts of electricity.

How big of a power inverter do I need to run a microwave? ›

The power commonly advertised for microwave ovens are the cooking power (the power delivered to the food) not the power actually consumed by microwave oven. The microwave ovens might consume 40% to 100% more than its advertised cooking power. The recommended inverter to run 1200 Watt microwave is 2500 Watt or larger.

Can I run a washing machine off an inverter? ›

They will normally work off a 800W inverter. 5) Most modern washing machines have a lot of electronics and need a sine wave inverter to operate. Don't run them on cheap dodgy generators! 6) Do not load the washing machine to full capacity.

Which inverter AC is most energy efficient? ›

Daikin Inverter AC

If we talk about top quality, durability, and high energy efficiency, Daikin inverter air conditioners are the first choice of many. Daikin is a Japanese brand and its inverter ACs come as CBU in Pakistan. It is the reason why many people trust this brand.

Are some inverters better than others? ›

There is no "best" inverter for all purposes - what might be great for an ambulance would not be suited for an RV. Power output is usually the main factor, but there are many others.

Is a 24 volt inverter more efficient than a 12 volt inverter? ›

In addition to smaller wires, 24 volt systems operate more efficiently in motors and inverters. Often, the same solar charge controller operating on 24V vs 12V will handle twice the solar input.

Is enphase more expensive than SolarEdge? ›

Enphase Price vs SolarEdge Price

A SolarEdge system requires an inverter to be installed near the meter board, and so the base price of the system is higher than an Enphase system.

Which AC is long lasting inverter or non-inverter? ›

Inverter AC maintains the room temperature stable. The lifespan of a non-inverter AC is comparatively less. The inverter ACs are more durable and have longer lifespan. The non-inverter ACs make a lot of noise during the operation and while switching ON or OFF.

Which AC is best with inverter or without inverter? ›

Inverter Air Conditioners are much more energy efficient than their non-inverter counterparts: they can save up to 30% on electricity compared to non-inverters. Non-inverter air conditioners use the on/off method, where the compressor is switched on and off at regular intervals to maintain the desired temperature.

Does inverter AC really save electricity? ›

Compared to non-inverter type air conditioners, air conditioners with inverters have less power loss and can save in energy.

What to look for when buying an inverter? ›

12 factors you should consider while buying an inverter
  • 12 factors you should consider while buying an inverter. Jun 4, 2023. ...
  • Power capacity. ...
  • Pure sine wave vs Modified sine wave. ...
  • Efficiency. ...
  • Battery voltage. ...
  • Surge capacity. ...
  • Battery charging. ...
  • Automatic transfer switch.
Jun 4, 2023

What weakens inverter battery? ›

Overcharging of inverter batteries can significantly reduce their life span. It causes overheating of battery plates and corrodes away the terminals. So, turn off the inverter when the battery is fully charged and turn it back on only when there is a power cut.

Which is better for solar 12V or 24v? ›

The main difference between 12v Vs 24v Solar is the amount of power each system can produce. The 12 volt solar system has a peak wattage of only 400 watts while the 24 volts solar systems can generate up to 800 watts.

What are the cons of Enphase? ›

The only disadvantage of choosing Enphase microinverters is their higher upfront cost. A string inverter from a reputable brand such as SMA, SolarEdge or Fronius can also perform well, so the added cost of microinverters won't always be feasible for homeowners.

Is Enphase made in China? ›

The company is based in California, but manufactures its products in cooperation with global partners Flex and Salcomp in many locations in Mexico, India, and China.

Which is better SunPower micro inverter or Enphase? ›

Enphase's iQ7 microinverter has an efficiency rating of 97.5%, compared to 96% for SunPower's microinverter, so this is an upgrade from a performance standpoint. Getting out of the microinverter business will also allow the company to focus R&D spending on its core competency: making solar panels.


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