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Do Solar Cover Reels Work For Every Kind Of Pool

DIY Solar Cover Reel System for Above Ground Pool

Solar cover reels are specialty tools. By that I mean they have to be compatible with the size of your solar cover and the shape and size of your swimming pool.

Reels are built with a specific type of pool in mind, whether that means we are talking about above-ground or inground pools.

Some solar cover reels are adjustable, however, giving flexibility for swim pools that arent rectangular.

Convenient And Mess Free

Simply roll up your pool cover with our easy to use solar cover reel systems when youre ready to swim and walk your cover back out when you want to lock in heat. Pool roller systems eliminate the need for folding, tugging, and unwanted dragging of your solar blanket. Our solar roller systems store your solar cover so its out of the way for easy pool access and make it convenient to harness the natural heating power of the sun. Check out our full assortment of pool covers to find the best solution for your backyard.

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Plastica Domestic Slidelock Telescopic Reel System

A very high quality British-made reel system suitable for in-ground or above-ground pools with decking up to top rail level.

Whatever size the swimming pool, winding a solar cover off can be hard work. Motorized systems are a great option but the high cost can be prohibitive, and the mechanics needed to make them work means they can often look large and cumbersome, not enhancing the look of a lovely swimming pool.

SmartGear was created to make these concerns a thing of the past. It is a simple, highly effective 3:1 ratio gearbox which makes light work of winding a cover onto a reel. It has been specifically designed to be retrofitted to the Plastica Slidelock reel, making it an affordable option.

Various fixing options for efficient and convenient cover removal.

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The stationary stainless steel system for your above ground pool.

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Nollapo Solar Swimming Pool Cover Reel

If you are looking for trendy and functional solar pool cover reels at a reasonable price, then check this option from Nollapo, a popular seller of swimming pool parts. This pool cover features various great features with extra accessories.

This Nollapo solar pool cover reel set is a perfect choice for all types of inground large swimming pools, as it easily covers up to 18 feet wide pools. It comes with excellent build quality with durable and adjustable tubes made of anti-rust aluminum material. However, you can adjust the length of these tubes as per the pool for the best compatibility.

The design is pretty much similar to most other options with embedded straps and a hand crank to have a smooth operation. Also, its unique design allows for easy wheel-barrow style maneuverability making it easy to move around and store while not in use. You can roll and unroll the cover effortlessly with its hand crank, while its mechanical lock prevents the rotation of the roller cover.

Its 5-section aluminum eco-friendly design pipe is rust-free, or maintenance-free, and the grooved reel tube prevents strap falling. The aluminum reel and stainless steel legs will make it solid, durable, and thick. It offers a perfect balance to the stand, thanks to its sturdy hand crank and large treaded wheels. Furthermore, it offers numerous benefits and customer service yet doesnt provide any warranty information.

Best Features

The Best Solar Cover Reels For Every Kind Of Pool

Solar Cover Reels For Above Ground Pools - (1)

Handling your solar pool cover can be a real pain. Spend less time wrestling with your solar pool cover and more time enjoying the water with our top picks for the best solar cover reels for every kind of pool.

Solar pool covers are an excellent investment in your inground or above ground swimming pool.

For a simple piece of fabric, they provide a lot of value in terms of regulating the temperature of the water .

That said, they can be a hassle to pull out of the water and store.

Solar covers for your pool, although they are basically tarps, are not immune to being torn and degrading when tossed and folded around. Rips, frays, fold marks from being balled up like a snowballthey all add up to a damaged cover that doesnt do its job effectively.

Enter the solar cover reel.

Pool solar cover reels help keep your pool area organized, protect your pool cover, and make it easier to position and store the cover.

Below is a breakdown of the best solar cover reels on the market, including key features .

Read on, find the right solar cover reel for your pool, and spend more time in the water enjoying your pool than fighting with your solar cover.

Lets do this!

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Certikin Solex Solar Powered Roller

The Certikin Solex solar powered roller is specifically designed to be economical, flexible and simple, offering a convenient progression from a standard manual pool roller without the hardship of providing an electrical supply.

Fully self powered through a photovoltaic panel which steadily tops up a fully contained dry-cell battery, even on cloudy days, the Solex roller can be installed on new and existing outdoor domestic pools and will accommodate solar blankets of up to 6 metres wide and 13 metres long. The sturdy, anodised aluminium telescopic roller tube allows flexibility of size and the aluminium and PVC stands give strong impact resistant end supports.Operation is by a simple switch mounted on one of the end stands, and the 12v in tube motor has adjustable limits in order that the positioning of the cover can be consistently accurate and automatic. The use of an Aquablade towing system is strongly recommended for covers using the Solex roller and the roller should be mounted over the end of the pool, not set back.

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Do You Have An Above Ground Pool

Most solar cover reels you come across will be designed for inground swimming pools, so they arent tall enough to overlook the walls of an above ground pool unless you have a flush pool deck, of course.

Otherwise, you need to get a reel that can be installed on the edges of an above ground swimming pool or even a semi above ground pool, for that matter.

This is typically done in the middle of the pool, so the cover can roll out in both directions. The pole/roller is then lifted out of the reel system and put to one side while the pool is in use.

Also be aware that you may have to buy the reel system and roller separately, as the roller has to be a specific width, whereas the sides should fit almost any above ground pool.

  • Above-ground pool cover reel system
  • Includes straps and hardware to attach to the
  • This item fits perfectly with Swimline pole item
  • FOR ABOVEGROUND POOLS This solar cover reel

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Please Note The Following Information

  • A pool put to bed clean in the Fall is a clean pool in the Spring
  • A pool cannot be closed with significant water in the sump well
  • Water left over the winter months that is not properly balanced can cause liner fading, wrinkles & staining issues
  • We are not responsible for winter covers coming out of track or loose from a water bag
  • Above Ground Pools Please monitor your pool during the winter months to ensure ice & snow are not creating issues with your pool structure or attached fixtures

Perfect Day Winter Solar Reel And Blanket Covers

How to Install A Solar Cover Reel for Above Ground Swimming Pool – GLI Whirlwind

This 16ft wide pool cover reel is designed to protect the rolled-up solar blanket of your pool. Its made from waterproof material resistant to snow, rain, and other weather damage. It features two elastic cords that allow the cover to securely fasten itself to the solar blanket.

The waterproof cover zip wraps around the solar blanket while its still on the reel. This cover fits all types of reels. Drawstring and straps are present at both ends to protect against rain, ice, snow, and UV rays. The cover is designed to extend the life of your solar blankets.


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Solaris Ii Reel For Above Ground Pools

The Solaris II Reel is designed for all types of above ground swimming pool.

The endstand can be fitted on to the metal coping of a steel walled or the wooden coping of a wooden pool or secured by clamps to the tube of frame pool like the Intex Ultra Frame pool.

The kit includes all the various feet to fit the different pool types as well as lengths of hexagonal tubes that simply bolt together. Also included are the cover to roller straps.

Suitable for pools up to18ft wide. Not suitable for pools with a frame more than 60mm diameter. The top rail will be too wide for the clamp.

PoolStore partner with Kokido for nearly all our pool cleaning accessories. We have tried many different suppliers in the past but we consider Kokido to be the market leader both for quality and for innovation.

Established in Hong Kong in the early 1990s, Kokido is an exciting and innovative lifestyle company dedicated to the global swimming pool market. We design and manufacture pool maintenance tools and parts for manufacturers, importers and retailers worldwide.


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PoolStore was the first company in Europe to sell swimming pool products on the Internet. For over 23 years we have been the UK’s favourite online swimming pool supplies store

Automatic Solar Pool Cover Reel

It is a manual reel that is powered by solar or electricity to operate automatically. It provides a hassle-free operation and thereby saves a lot of your time and effort. Simply to say, a hand crank in manual type is substituted by the motor, which automatically turns the reel to unfold and fold the cover over the pool. Though it works slower than a manual reel, yet it let you stay relaxed.

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Next Day Delivery Details

Dohenys is pleased to offer free next day delivery at no additional charge for orders over $100 to most of the US for all Doheny’s brand chemicals and many of our most popular swimming pool supplies. Next Day Delivery Service does not mean Next Day Air, but simply that your qualifying products will be shipped from the warehouse closest to you resulting in delivery the next day. We do have a shipping charge of only $9.99 for orders under $100.00.

Some details regarding this service:Other than for Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, not all products are stocked at all locations and therefore not available for next day delivery. Only those items with a Next Day Delivery designation on the product page can be expected to arrive the next day and orders must be placed by 3 PM local time .

If you reside in the next day delivery area served by our Pleasant Prairie facility, order in-stock products and place your order by 3 PM Local Time you should receive your order the next day . This applies to products even if they do not have a Next Day Delivery designation.

Because next day delivery is not guaranteed for standard service and residential deliveries are made only Monday through Saturday though Saturday delivery is not guaranteed, there is a chance that our product will not arrive the next day. While we try our best, unexpected demand can cause products to occasionally be out of stock or create a warehouse backlog that also can prevent shipment the day of the order.

Intex Solar Cover Roller

Solar Cover Reels For Above Ground Pools - (2)

Intex is quite a popular brand name for a variety of products such as furniture, airbeds, boats, air pumps, and much more. Thus, we are starting off our list with a solar pool cover reel from Intex.

In the 1st position, we are presenting the Intex 28051 Solar cover roller. This is the perfect option for rectangular swimming pools up to 488 cm in width. Although, your pool must be wider than 274 cm for this pool cover reel to be suitable. The reel itself is 192.1 x 192.1 x 17.7 inches in size which is particularly larger than most other choices present on our list.

The reel features a non-corrosive plastic crank on the side which is safe from environmental problems and allows you to easily collect the pool cover when not in use. Other than that, the reel structure features aluminum connecting shafts, which are heavy-duty and carries the weight of the pool cover with ease. The Intex 28051 Solar cover roller is definitely a great option for the price which makes installation and usage of the pool cover very easy.

Best Features

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Intex 28051 Roller For Solar Cover

Who says you cant find a roller for a rectangular pool. If your pool is between 274cm and 488cm and its rectangular, choose Intex 28051 Roller for Solar Cover.

Its made from heavy-duty materials with the aluminum shaft is provided for smooth interlocking. The hand crank is also made from non-corrosive plastic. Its convenient to use and does a great job of protecting your pool.


  • Bends a little bit in the middle

Hpi Solar Blanket Reel Cover

If you havent found the perfect solar cover reel in your budget so far, worry not. The HPI solar cover reel will be perfect for you as this is the cheapest option on our list today.

Coming up next, we have the most affordable solar pool cover reel available in the market right now. The HPI Solar Reel Cover is designed for up to 20 feet wide swimming pools even though it is the cheapest option in the market. It is rather a compact option, but still features a set of wheels and crank to make the application easy as well as portable.

The HPI Solar Reel Cover also comes with a dedicated solar blanket cover that prevents your solar pool cover from getting damaged by environmental factors. It prevents the cover from extreme heat and sun rays when it is not in use so that the texture and quality of the cover stay the same. The cover is made up of durable plastic to offer reliable protection against harsh weather. You can easily remove the solar pool cover from the reel and replace it with one of you want.

Best Features

  • Most affordable solar pool cover
  • Suitable for 20 feet pool size
  • Comes with a solar blanket
  • Easy to replace the pool cover
  • Made up of durable plastic


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Vingli Pool Cover Reel Set

Best solar pool reel for inground pools

Its not often you find that people go ga-ga over something as simple and as functional as a solar cover reel, but thats typical of pool owners who choose a VINGLI Pool Cover Reel Set.

With over five hundred five-star reviews on Amazon , the VINGLI reel sets feature a one-hand wheel crank, full solid tires, handles to make positioning the reel easier, and anti-slip legs so that you can crank the pool cover quickly and orderly.

VINGLI offers these in two different pool sizes, including 14- and 21-foot models . The thick tires on the reel mean you can also quickly store and move the reel as necessary.

They can fit different-sized pools as well, including bean-shaped, rectangular, Oyster shaped pools, and more. The cover simply has to be cut to fit the orientation of the pool and the straps on the VINGLI reel are long enough to take care of the rest.

Well-priced, well-reviewed, and adaptable to just about any kind of inground pool shape there is, the VINGLI is our top pick for best solar pool cover reel.

How To Choose The Right Solar Cover Reel

Hydrotools 52000 (by Swimline) Above Ground Swimming Pool Solar Blanket Reel Install & Review

When trying to figure out what kind of reel to get for your swimming pool, there are a few key things that you should keep an eye on.

Here are the main decision-makers with solar cover reels.

Tube construction.

The primary materials used to build the tubes that hold the covers on reels are usually aluminum or stainless steel.

Both materials are really tough and will stand up nicely to the elements, whether we are talking about lots of rain, UV rays, or even the pool chemicals like chlorine and bromine that will inevitably coat the reel.

While both are exceptionally sturdy, for heavier pool covers and bigger pools, stainless steel might be a better option.


Reels come either on wheels or mounted to your pool deck.

Having a reel with wheels has some pretty obvious benefits, including being able to angle it to make pulling the cover out easier. The reel can also be tucked off the pool deck when not in use.

Mounted reels have more stability, but as you can imagine, there isnt the portability of a reel on wheels.

Reels on wheels.

Speaking of wheels, if you decide to go for a reel that has a base with wheels, its worth considering whether you want wheels that are built with plastic or a rubber wheel.

Plastic wheels are tough, but like any kind of plastic, with enough time they will start to chip and crack. They are also more prone to sliding across wet pool decks.

Blanket depth.


There are two types of connectors:

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Do I need a reel for my solar cover? ›

Do You Need a Reel For Your Solar Cover? Honestly, no. But if you have a solar cover, you know how much of a pain it is to take the cover on and off your pool. Especially if you have a large inground pool.

How well do solar covers work on above ground pools? ›

75% of a swimming pool's heat loss is due to evaporation. A solar cover minimizes heat loss from evaporation by acting as a barrier between swimming pool water and the air. Specifically, you can reduce your swimming pool heating costs by up to 70% by using a solar cover.

Are solar pool covers worth the money? ›

Solar pool covers save time by making pool maintenance much easier. Although there are few downsides to solar pool covers, they are worth keeping in mind. The most significant disadvantage to a prefabricated pool cover is that it will not offer the same security as a custom pool cover.

Should I leave solar pool cover on during rain? ›

You should use the pool cover if the rain is mild and doesn't come with severe wind. The cover will protect the pool water from the acidic rain bound to dilute the chlorine. The idea here is to avoid the stress of cleaning your pool and balancing the chemicals after a mild rain.

Should you run your pool pump with the solar cover on? ›

Yes, you can safely use both at the same time! The pool cover does not have any effect on the pool pump circulating water around the pool. In fact, we would recommend it as it reduces the number of hours that the pump needs to be run and therefore extends the lifespan of your pool pump. Let's find out more!

Should solar pool cover be on or off during daylight? ›

In dry and/or windy conditions, the evaporation rate of the pool increases. Therefore, it is generally beneficial to have a transparent or bubble cover on during daylight hours. In warm, humid conditions the evaporation rate decreases. In this case, it may be more beneficial to leave the cover off during the daytime.

How do I choose a reel cover? ›

Step 1: Open the published Reel that you want to edit by visiting the 'Reels' tab from your profile. Step 2: Select the three dots located on the right side of the screen and click on the 'Edit' option. Step 3: Select the 'Cover' option.

Can I shock with solar cover on? ›

Remove the cover during heavy storms and wind events, to prevent damage from flying debris. Remove the cover before shocking a pool, and leave it off until chlorine levels drop below 2.5 ppm.

Does an above ground pool heat up faster with a solar cover? ›

Solar covers will help a pool warm up faster in the spring and help maintain warmth in a pool a little longer in the fall but one misconception about them is that they will warm up a pool in the dead of winter, which simply is not the case.

How fast does a solar cover heat an above ground pool? ›

How Quickly Will a Solar Cover Heat my Swimming Pool? According to the experts, a fully covered pool will heat between 10-15 degrees in about 6 hours. There is mixed information out there. Some experts say that you will get 7-10 degrees with three consecutive days of sun.

What thickness solar cover is best? ›

How to Choose a Solar Pool Cover
ThicknessWeightTemp. Increase
8 milLightestUp to 10°F
12 milModerateUp to 15°F
16 milHeaviestUp to 18°F

Do black solar covers work better? ›

Black Solar Covers

The color and level of opaqueness allow for very fast heat absorption that will heat your pool quicker than the other covers listed above.

How much heat does a pool lose overnight? ›

A pool that is uncovered can lose up to 5° F overnight; a good cover can cut that loss by half. Used at night or whenever your pool is not in use, the pool cover can help save fuel costs by cutting heat loss regardless of the type of heating you utilize.

Can I cover my pool and leave the pump running? ›

Absolutely! A cover does nothing to interfere with the water circulating through your system. It doesn't touch your pump or any other piece of equipment you have. When your pool is covered during these winter months, you can run it less, thus protecting the pump from premature aging.

How much warmer does a solar cover make a pool? ›

Solar covers are designed to increase the temperature of a pool in two ways. First, the bubbles absorb warmth from the sun and transfer that energy to the water below. A well-functioning solar cover can increase a pool's temperature by up to 15 degrees.

Does solar cover affect chlorine? ›

A cover reduces chlorine consumption by around 50% – if the chlorinator is not turned down, it will produce too much chlorine, and damage the cover. If your chlorinator is already running on its lowest setting, you can reduce the running time slightly, or add fresh water as needed.

What is a good solar cover for pool? ›

The 5 Best Solar Pool Covers
CompanyForbes Home RatingUV RESISTANCE
Midwest Canvas Ultra 16 Mil Solar Blanket4.4Excellent
Blue Wave Clear Solar Blanket for Inground and Above Ground Pools (14-Mil)4.2Excellent
Intex Round Solar Cover4.2Excellent
Sun2Solar Blue 15-Foot Round Solar Cover | 1600 Series Style4.2Excellent
1 more row

Does a solar cover on a pool create algae? ›

So while a solar cover won't actually 'turn your pool green', it will warm your water by up to 8 degrees, so if the other conditions are right, adding a solar cover can easily accelerate algae growth, very rapidly. You need to get the water balance in your pool right before putting the cover back on.

Can you have your pool heater on with the solar cover on? ›

Absolutely ! It is almost compulsory to use a solar cover when using a heat pump to heat your pool. Not using a solar cover is like not insulating the loft in your house. As your heat pump puts heat into the pool, it will be lost into the air when a solar cover is not used.

Should I turn my water feature off in the pool at night in the summer? ›

Try to keep the fountain turned off during the heat of the day and run it in the evening or at night to help circulate cool air throughout the water. If you run the fountain too much when it's hot outside, it could make the water even warmer.

Does leaving a pool cover on cause algae? ›

Make sure the cover is clean.

Keeping leaves and debris off your pool cover will make it easier to open in the spring, but it also helps prevent algae in the winter. Left unattended, these things can disintegrate and wash around your cover when it rains.

Should you cover pool every night? ›

Pop quiz: should you cover your pool every night? If you want your pool to be ready for swimming tomorrow, yes, you should! Don't underestimate how powerful a simple solar cover can be: according to In the Swim, a properly fitting cover can reduce up to 95% of heat loss.

Why is my reel cover upside down? ›

The main factor to remember is that the reel is round and rotates clockwise inside the viewer. Hence, some photos will be upside down when looking at it this way, but correct once they have each rotated around the viewer to the correct position where your eyes look through.

Does the cover photo of a reel matter? ›

In short: It will boost your views, help your followers know what to expect from each Reel, and create consistent branding that looks great on your feed. Taking the time to create a Reels custom cover will always make a bigger impact visually than your video's first frame, which will entice your audience to watch.

How do you know what reel trends you have? ›

To find trending audio on Instagram Reels, creators navigate to their professional dashboard and scroll down to "Reels Trends," and will be served all of the top audio and hashtags.

Where should I store my solar cover reel? ›

Most solar covers come with a large bag for storage. You can just pull the solar cover off of the pool, fold it and put it in the shed or garage. When storing your solar cover for the winter, use a swimming pool cover cleaner and deodorizer.

Where do you put the solar cover on a pool? ›

Are you using a bubble solar cover to keep your pool water warm? If so, you may be wondering which side of your bubble cover should face up. We recommend covering your pool with the bubble side facing down for the best results in warming your pool in the summer sun.

How do you store a solar cover for an above ground pool? ›

Many solar covers come in a bag for storage. Place the bag in a shed or garage where it will stay clean, dry and away from rodents that might try to chew through it but where the temperature stays well below 120 degrees F. Extreme temperatures can damage the cover's bubbles and weaken the cover.

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