Epic Seven: Top 10 Best PvP Heroes (2023)

PvP is undoubtedly the main focus of Epic Seven once you’ve conquered the majority of PvE content.

You need a diverse set of heroes to reach the highest ranks of Arena or actually contribute to Guild Wars.

Certain heroes are tailor-made to dominate PvP, with some having little or no use in PvE at all.

Depending on the PvP mode you’re playing, as well as offensive or defensive, you’ll want to switch up your approach. I’ve gone through each mode below!

Offensive Arena

Choose heroes depending on the enemy team.

If they look to have a lot of AoE offensive units, bring anti-cleave.

Use elemental match-ups for maximum advantage.

Defensive Arena

Just make the most disgusting, sweaty & annoying team imaginable.

Doesn’t have to be the strongest team, just the one that will frustrate any attackers the most.

For example, I go for Angelica, General Purrgis, Researcher Carrot & Violet.

All 4 of them are difficult to kill, as well as having a full elemental match-up.

4 of your strongest Soul Weavers are also a good choice!

Offensive Guild War

Can be very tricky as you only get one chance per enemy team.

Seeing a hero fall in a battle will render them unable to fight for the remainder of the Guild War.

Therefore, think carefully before you press that “Attack” button.

In general, have a healer on each offensive team.

Follow it up with a DPS, as well as a tank or another DPS.

Try to get good elemental match-ups but if the enemy guild members are smart, they’ll make that very hard to do.

Defensive Guild War

These teams should be built to win through power rather than frustration.

You’ll need at least 1 fast Soul Weaver hero, with 1 tank and 1 DPS, or 2 DPS heroes.

Elemental match-ups are important here so make sure you don’t have any significant weaknesses to any specific elements.

World Arena

To climb in World Arena, you really need several really strong PvP heroes.

You will ideally have every hero on this list.

All built with the relevant sets, with at least 100k CP.

World Arena is a real-time battle with both players able to acquire souls to power up their abilities.

So not only is it a game of stats, it’s a strategy game where every move matters.

I highly suggest you look into every PvP hero who is used fairly regularly so you’re always prepared for everything!

10) Ran

Attribute: Ice

Class: Thief

Recommended Set: Speed/Crit Chance

Recommended Artifact: Silver Rain

How to get: 5* Covenant Summon


TempestMental FocusInstant Blade
Attacks the enemy with a swordstorm.Penetrates the target’s Defenseby20%. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster’s Speed.Grants immunityto all allies for2 turnsbeforeincreasing Attackof the caster for2 turns. Grants anextra turnto the caster.Burn Effect:Ignores Effect Resistance.

Attacks all enemies with a sword,dispelling two buffsbefore an80% chancetoinflict stigmafor2 turns, and a65% chancetodecrease Defensefor2 turns. Grantsskill nullifieronce to the caster. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster and the target’s Speed.

Tied for the fastest base speed of any hero in Epic Seven, Ran is an ideal opener to grant immunity to allies and inflict powerful debuffs on enemies.

He does get hard-countered by Earth heroes like Violet though, who is very prominent in PvP. Only run him in defense teams if you have strong fire heroes to counter Violet players.

Try to get him to over 250 speed, with 100% crit chance, 100% effectiveness, and the rest into attack/crit damage if possible.

9) Politis

Attribute: Fire

Class: Mage

Recommended Set: Speed/Immunity

Recommended Artifact: Abyssal Crown

How to get: 5* Covenant Summon


Call of the StarsAstral Guide (Passive)Starfall
Burn Effect: Grants an extra turn.

Summons dolls to attack the enemy, with a 25% chance to stun for 1 turn.

When the enemy is not an Elite or Boss monster,reduces the effect of Combat Readiness granted to the enemyby50%. This effect does not stack with other passive effects of the same name. Activates Tranquility when an enemy uses a non-attack skill. Tranquility can be activated once every2 turns.

Tranquility:Attacks all enemies,decreasing buff durationsby1 turn, beforeincreasing Combat Readinessof the caster by30%.

Attacks all enemies with alien technology, with a75% chanceeach todecrease Hit Chanceand make themunable to be buffedfor2 turns.

Politis is a powerful niche unit who can counter many of the best team compositions you’ll find in Arena, Guild War & World Arena.

Many players run speed pushers to ensure a specific hero (usually with tons of offensive stats but no speed) attacks before your own units.

This hero counters them completely, significantly reducing the buffs they get.

Not only that, Politis is great against speedy heroes who like to get off a few buffs before attacking, as her Tranquility ability will counter that completely!

8) Fallen Cecilia

Attribute: Dark

Class: Knight

Recommended Set: Aurius

Recommended Artifact: Speed/Immunity

How to get: 5* Moonlight Summon


MistakeStrong Instinct (Passive)Spear of Resentment
Attacks with a spear of revenge, with a85% chancetoprovokefor1 turn. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster’s max Health.Grants abarrierfor2 turnstoall alliesat the beginning of battle, and grants abarrierfor2 turnsto the ally with the lowest Health at the end of the caster’s turn. Barrier strength increases proportional to the caster’s max Health.Burn Effect:Skill cooldown is decreased by 2 turns.

Attacks all enemies in an explosion of spiteful emotions. Grantsall allies Skill Nullifier, negating damage received from the next skill attack. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster’s max Health.

Fallen Cecilia distributes barriers constantly, as well as the nice skill nullifier buff. It’s this utility and protection that makes her the best “tank” type hero in the entire game, no other tank can frontline like Fallen Cecilia.

So many provokes and barriers require players to target her before DPS, if they can. No specific elemental weaknesses (except light but there are no good light DPS heroes) help keep her alive.

7) Summer Iseria

Attribute: Fire

Class: Ranger

Recommended Set: Speed/Immunity

Recommended Artifact: Star of the Deep Sea

How to get: Limited 5* Summon Banner


Are you the Culprit?Suppression Attempt (Passive)Sword of Flowers!
Burn Effect:Grants an extra turn.

Attacks the enemy with swords, with a60%chance each todispel two buffs.

Does not cost any Souls to activate the caster’s first Soulburn.

The caster cannot trigger a critical hit, but Attack increases by35%. After an ally except for the caster uses an attack that targets all enemies, activatesSuppress!. Can only be activated once every3 turns.

Suppress!:Increases Combat Readinessof all allies by15%and plants abombon two random enemies for2 turns.

Attacks all enemies with swords of flowers,decreasing Attackfor2 turnsandincreases Speedof the caster for2 turns. At the end of the turn,detonates bombsinflicted on the enemy.

Requiring another hero on her team with an AoE attack for maximum effectiveness, Summer Iseria’s skills and gear requirements make her a very strong pick.

The Ran & Summer Iseria combination will propel you into Challenger easily.

Due to her not being able to crit, stats can go into speed, attack, and effectiveness. 5k attack, 220 speed, and 150% effectiveness should give you a perfect Summer Iseria.

6) Belian

Attribute: Light

Class: Knight

Recommended Set: Counter/Immunity

Recommended Artifact: Elbris Ritual Sword

How to get: 5* Moonlight Summon


Light of DestructionShackles of Suppression (Passive)Apocalypse
Burn Effect:Increases effect chance of activating Incursion to 100%.

Attacks all enemies with a ray, with a50%chance to dispel one buff. When used on the caster’s turn, has a35%chance to activateIncursionas an extra attack. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster’s max Health.

Incursion:Attacks all enemies,decreasing SpeedandHit Chancefor1 turn. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster’s max Health.

Decreases the amount of Souls gained by the enemy by100%. At the start of the turn, has a70%chance to grant arandom buffto the caster for1 turn. (Increase Effectiveness, Increase Critical Hit Chance, Continuous Healing)Attacks all enemies with the power of duties,decreasing Combat Readinessby a random amount between20%and40%andprovokesfor1 turn.Increases Defenseof the caster for2 turns. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster’s max Health.

Belian is arguably the best defense hero you can get in the entire game.

Her ability to reduce any souls earned by your opponent is crazy good, levelling the field for defense teams.

Counter set is perfect here, thanks to her skill 1 being an AoE attack that also happens to have a chance to dispel a buff.

She’s remarkably powerful in all aspects and should be in any defense team you can field!

5) Rimuru

Attribute: Earth

Class: Warrior

Recommended Set: Speed/Immunity

Recommended Artifact: Draco Plate

How to get: Limited 5* Summon Banner


Okay, Shall I Get Started?Analyze and AssessDevour It, Black Flame!
Cuts the enemy to attack, granting arandom buffto the caster for1 turn.After attacking with a non-basic skill,copies two buffswhen the target is buffed, regardless of whether or not the attack hits and grants their effects to all allies. This effect is not applied to undispellable buffs. When an ally is attacked by a buffed enemy, activatesBe Ready!against the attacker. Can only be activated once every3 turns.

Be Ready!: Quickly approaches the enemy and attacks,increasing Combat Readinessof the caster by30%.

Burn Effect:Skill cooldown is decreased by 2 turns.

Attacks the enemy with black flame, and a successful attack will inflict5,000additional fixed damage to the target. Fixed damage increases proportional to the number of buffs granted to all allies, up to a maximum of10,000fixed damage. When the target is buffed,decreases Defenseof all enemies for2 turns. Unaffected by elemental disadvantage.

Such an annoying hero to play against, consistently stealing buffs and one-shotting heroes at will.

Buffs like immunity, invulnerability and revive all serve to feed Rimuru who copies them and grants them to all allies.

Perhaps one of the most overloaded kits in the entire game, Rimuru invalidates a lot of the previously-meta heroes.

4) Angel of Light Angelica

Attribute: Light

Class: Mage

Recommended Set: Speed/Effectiveness

Recommended Artifact: Tagahel’s Ancient Book

How to get: 4* Mystic Summon


Ritualistic TouchGuardian of Light (Passive)Judgment of Angels
Burn Effect:Increases effect chance to 100%.

Attacks the enemy with fragments of a shimmering star, with a50%chance tosilencefor1 turn. When the target is silenced after attacking,decreases Combat Readinessof the target by25%.

Immune to stun, and when an ally except for the caster is attacked, increases Combat Readiness of the caster by 8%. When suffering an attack that targets all allies, has a 75% chance to activate Guardian Angel. Guardian Angel can only be activated once every 3 turns.

Guardian Angel: Dispels one debuff from all allies before granting Skill Nullifier once.

Dispels two buffsfrom all enemies with holy light before a70%chance to make themunable to be buffedfor2 turnsandsilencingfor1 turn.

An absolute staple of PvP play, Angel of Light Angelica is the best buff dispelling expert in Epic Seven.

Heroes like Elena, Roana, and Krau love to dispense buffs to their entire team, making them a pain to fight. AoL will simply dispell them all and apply “unable to be buffed”.

Weaknesses come in the form of squishiness, as she can be targeted and killed very easily.

Build her with 230 speed (at least), 150% effective, and as much bulk as possible.

Attribute: Dark

Class: Warrior

Recommended Set: Speed/Immunity

Recommended Artifact: War Horn

How to get: 5* Moonlight Summon


RetributionBalance of PowerNature Restoration
Dashes toward the enemy to attack,increasing Combat Readinessof the caster by10%and the ally except for the caster with the highest Combat Readiness by10%. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster’s Max Health.Attacks the enemy with the mediator’s power,dispelling all buffsbeforedecreasing Attackfor2 turnsand granting abarrierto all allies for2 turns. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster’s max Health. Barrier strength increases proportional to the ally’s max Health.Burn Effect:Extends duration of buffs granted by this skill by 1 turn.

Restores balance that has been destroyed,dispelling all debuffs from all alliesand grantingincreased Attackandimmunityfor2 turns.Increases Combat Readinessof the caster by50%. When this skill is available at the start of the turn, decreases debuff duration of the caster by1 turn.

Considered to be one of the most busted units in Epic Seven right now, Mediator Kawerick is a constant irritation for any aggressor.

Build him tanky to make him tough to kill and he’ll constantly debuff allies while providing shields and CR pushes to allies.

While he won’t defeat multiple enemy heroes per battle, he’ll make it difficult for any of your own heroes to even be defeated.

2) Conqueror Lilias

Attribute: Light

Class: Warrior

Recommended Set: Speed/Immunity

Recommended Artifact: War Horn

How to get: 5* Moonlight Summon


Kneel DownCover!For Honor!
Attacks the enemy with a sword, triggering aDual Attackfrom a random ally.Burn Effect:Inflicts Redirected Provoke for 2 turns.

Distracts the enemy,decreasing Combat Readinessby25%, with up to a70%chance to inflictredirected provokefor1 turn. Barrier strength increases proportional to the ally’s max Health.

Encourages the Perland Army, grantingvigorto all allies for2 turns.Decreases buff durationof all enemies by1 turnand has a75% chancetodecrease Attackfor2 turns. Grants anextra turnto the caster.

Conqueror Lilias changed the entire meta upon her release, as her Vigor buff is one of the strongest buffs in the entire game. Granting it to her whole team is insane, especially considering other buffs (such as attack increase) stack on top of it.

Players tend to build her with tons of speed, you’ll need at least 290 if you plan to climb to higher ranks in RTA.

Otherwise, she fits well into any defence team. As long as she is the opener, any defense team will be significantly more difficult to beat.

1) Apocalypse Ravi

Attribute: Dark

Class: Warrior

Recommended Set: Counter/Penetration

Recommended Artifact: Crimson Seed

How to get: 5* Moonlight Summon


Spectral AxeWar God’s Might (Passive)Deliverance: Soul Exchange
Burn Effect:Greatly increases amount of damage dealt. Does not trigger a Dual Attack.

Attacks the enemy with an axe,inflicting injuriesbefore absorbing some of the damage dealt as Health. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster’s max Health. The severity of injuries increases proportional to damage dealt. Injuries decrease max Health of the target by up to10%every time this skill is used.

Increases Critical Hit Chanceby30%.Starts the first battle with50 Fighting Spirit.At the moment the caster is attacked,consumes 10 Fighting Spirittoincrease Combat Readiness of the casterby15%and recovers the caster’s Health. Amount recovered increases proportional to the caster’s max Health.Delivers divine judgment down upon the enemy. When an enemy is defeated,revives one random dead allywith30%Health andincreases their Combat Readinessby100%before grantingSkill Nullifieronce. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster’s max Health. Damage dealt by this skill increases every time somebody dies. Effect can only stack up to 3 times.

Perfect for all aspects of PvP, Apocalypse Ravi’s kit is full of survivability and utility.

You’ll need her to have 100% crit chance, 200% crit damage, 2k attack, and the rest in bulk. The more effect resistance, the better.

She can easily solo entire teams, with 15k HP she will heal for over 2000 health every time she is attacked. Combined with a counter set and lots of effect resistance, she’s a nightmare to defeat.

On top of all this, she also has a resurrect ability and inflicts injuries. With all of these resources combined, she’s easily the best PvP hero in Epic Seven!

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