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With Epic Seven Summer Events going full swing and the release of not one but two brand new limited heroes for the summer season, Epic Seven is undergoing interesting and important changes to its game meta and heroes, with the game updating and releasing brand new heroes with interesting and powerful kit specially designed and suited for different PvE and PvP contents. Due to this change and in preparation for the upcoming big Main Story Episode 5 Release For Epic Seven.

In this guide, we will go over the different kind of PvP and PvE teams that players need to be able to make and advise players some of the most important heroes to have in order to form the best teams possible for them to be able to clear all of Epic Seven’s PvE and PvP contents without any problems.


  • Epic Seven Team Building For PvE Contents
  • Epic Seven Team Building For PvP Contents
  • LDPlayer 9.0 - The High Quality Epic Seven Gaming Experience

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Let’s play Epic Seven on PC and find out together

Epic Seven Team Building For PvE Contents

For PvE contents in Epic Seven, it is generally quite simple to build a team as the main story and PvE contents are quite simple in nature and only require a certain amount of investment in heroes to be able to reach high difficulty levels and clear them successfully. However, for Epic Seven PvE content, players must be able to form at least 3 different parties for the 3 main bosses and battles in Hunts Mode - Wyvern, Golem and Banshee in order to be able to obtain and farm gears for their heroes. Therefore, we will go over the best teams for each Hunts for players to make the best gear farming teams.


Wyvern is the first important hunt boss that players will need to make a team for and it requires a very specific team comp that players need to make in order to successfully clear and farm. Firstly, Wyvern is a Fire boss with high speed and dangerous multi-attacking moves that will target certain members in the team depending on the situation, requiring players to have special characters that can inflict debuffs in order to redirect its attacks to the foremost hero in the party.

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The typical team for Wyvern Hunts at higher levels consists of the following types of heroes: 1 Tank Character with high HP and Effect Resistance (Knight or Warrior Hero), 1 Character that specializes in inflicting multiple debuffs, especially defense break (Mage or Thief), 1 Sub DPS character for fast clear or 1 healer for more consistent clear and finally 1 Powerful DPS to deal with the enemy once the debuffs have been applied.


Golem is another Hunt boss content that players will have to spend quite some time on farming for gears as the hunt provides players with the best gear to boost attack and health of heroes. Golem is a Earth Elemental Boss that can attack all heroes at the same time with an AOE attack and inflict debuffs on the team in addition to having 2 unkillable sidekicks that will cleanse his own debuff and heal him. So it is important to burst down Golem as fast as possible or inflict him with unhealable and unbuffable debuffs to prevent him from killing the team first.

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A typical Golem team are as followed: 1 tank character with the ability to cleanse debuffs from allies (A Soul weaver or Knight), 1 character on debuffs duty, preferably with debuffs like unbuffable, unhealable or defense break, 1 Sub DPS character with defense break debuff and finally 1 Main DPS with high ST damage potential to kill the Golem as fast as possible.


The last of the initial 3 Hunt Bosses and one of the most annoying ones to deal with, Banshee is a Hunt boss that will provide players with special utility sets for heroes, like Lifesteal, Counter and Resistance set. Banshee is an extremely annoying boss to fight as she will constantly apply debuffs to the team with her AOE attack and, when her HP reaches a certain point, she will split herself into 4 different parts and require players to defeat them all before she destroys the team with a massive attack. A Banshee team must have heroes that excel at both AOE and ST attacks in addition to either providing players with Immunity buff or be able to cleanse the team’s debuffs.

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A typical Banshee team consist of: 1 Healer (A Soul Weaver) with the ability to grant Immunity and cleanse debuffs, 1 Debuffer (Ranger or Mage) with the defense break debuff, 1 Sub DPS character with high AOE damage and finally, 1 DPS character with high ST damage potential.

Epic Seven Team Building For PvP Contents

Unlike PvE contents which mainly revolves around players making teams for the Hunt type of fights to be able to farm gears for their heroes, the PvP battles and challenges the more important side for Epic Seven as there are actual meta in team building and a difference in team, stats and equipment sets will matter greatly. PvP in Epic Seven can be broken down into two main types of teams that have stayed consistent enough in the game’s meta for a long time and directly counter each other: The older and more interesting Cleave Teams and the newer but consistent Bruiser Meta.

Cleave Teams

Cleave Teams in Epic Seven refers to a team that specializes in moving first in an Arena battle by having a speed advantage in the fight over the opponent and utilize different methods and heroes’ skill to either hinders the enemy’s combat ability so much that they can’t do anything or just outright kill their entire team before they start their turn. The crux of a cleave team depends largely on 2 factors: several different heroes with high speed with abilities to boost the team’s main DPS up and debuff the enemies and 1 Main Super DPS hero with a powerful AOE sweep skill.

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A typical Cleave Team party of heroes consists of 1 Hero with extremely high speed (Thief, Mage or Soul Weaver) that can outspeed the enemy and have the ability to increase the entire team’s combat readiness, 2 heroes with the ability to either debuff the enemy team or boost the DPS damage output with powerful offensive buffs, and finally, a main DPS with skills that have the ability to deal massive AOE damage to all enemies, preferably with some special effects that might let them deal even more damage when killing an enemy’s hero.

Bruiser Teams

Bruiser Teams in Epic Seven terms refers to teams that consist of 4 extremely powerful and tanky heroes with damage dealing skills that increase their damage proportional to the heroes’ HP or Defense stats. Bruiser teams are extremely tanky, have high damage output potential due to the effects of their skills and are extremely menacing and difficult to deal with when facing them in PvP contents. The main point of a Bruiser team is extremely simple: have 4 tanky heroes in a team with different abilities to hinder the enemy’s offensive ability and deal damage to them gradually to beat them down.

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A typical Bruiser team can consist of 4 different tanky heroes that have special skills that deal powerful AOE damage proportional to their HP or Defense. These heroes are mainly of the Warrior or Knight classes.

LDPlayer 9.0 - The High Quality Epic Seven Gaming Experience

LDplayer is the most stable emulator to allow players to run Epic Seven smoothly, at high speed and high quality, and provides many amazing functions to help all players to have the perfect Epic Seven Gaming Experience.

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For newer players that intend to join the game, it is recommended that they utilize LDPlayer’s multi-instances function to reroll and have the perfect head start in the game.

For older players, LDPlayer also allows for a mini window function, helping players to farm in the background while they enjoy their favorite activities on PC, lessen the RAM cost and allow the computer to run smoother.

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