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Well, isn’t the prospect of owning a pool just a splash of fun in the summer heat? But wait a minute, did you think about the upkeep? Pool maintenance can indeed be a real doozy. Enter solar cover reels, the unsung heroes of the pool world. If you’re asking yourself, “Do I need a solar cover reel?” you’re in for an eye-opener. This article dives headfirst into everything you need to know about these magical contraptions.

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Do You Need a Solar Cover Reel?

Here’s the deal: Solar cover reels are not a strict necessity, but boy, can they make your life easier! If you’re a pool owner struggling with managing solar pool covers, you’ve probably wondered whether it’s worth getting a reel. Let’s break this down, shall we?

1. Ease of Use

Solar cover reels are a breeze to operate. You’d be hard-pressed to find a simpler solution for managing solar covers. Instead of wrestling with a large, unwieldy cover, you simply turn the reel, and voila, it’s neatly rolled up or spread out.

2. Protecting Your Solar Cover

Investing in a solar cover reel is also a way to protect your solar cover, and by extension, your wallet. You wouldn’t want to shell out on regular replacements, would you?

3. Saving Time and Energy

Time is of the essence, and energy even more so. A solar cover reel conserves both, making it a practical addition to your pool arsenal.

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Benefits of a Solar Cover Reel

Prolonging the Life of Solar Covers

One of the prime benefits of a solar cover reel is the preservation of your solar cover. Solar covers, while robust, are not invincible. They can be prone to damage from repeated folding and unfolding, or from lying on the ground. A reel ensures that your cover is neatly rolled up when not in use, reducing wear and tear. Thus, this can be a case of “a stitch in time saves nine,” where the initial investment in a reel saves you the cost of replacing the cover frequently.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

A solar cover reel, as stated before, makes life a breeze. Handling a large solar cover manually can be akin to “herding cats.” It’s frustrating, time-consuming, and frankly, not the kind of workout you want. With a solar cover reel, the process of deploying and retracting the cover becomes a walk in the park. No more wrestling with a wet, heavy cover!

Safety First

Believe it or not, a solar cover reel can contribute to pool safety. When not in use, a solar cover can become a trip hazard if left lying around. By reeling it in, you eliminate this risk, keeping the pool area safer for everyone. So, it’s a case of “better safe than sorry.”

Aesthetic Appeal

Let’s face it, an unattended solar cover flapping in the wind is not a pretty sight. It can stick out like a sore thumb in your well-manicured backyard. A solar cover reel neatly contains the cover, maintaining the overall aesthetics of your pool area.

Improving Solar Cover Efficiency

Finally, by keeping your solar cover in top shape, a reel can indirectly improve its efficiency. A well-maintained cover will perform better at retaining heat and reducing evaporation, saving you on heating costs and water usage. It’s a case of “killing two birds with one stone,” where you not only make handling the cover easier but also boost its performance.

Choosing the Right Solar Cover Reel

When it comes to choosing a solar cover reel, it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. We’ve put together a handy list of factors to consider when making your choice.

Size of Your Pool

First things first, you need to measure your pool’s dimensions. A reel too small won’t cut the mustard, and a reel too large could be an eyesore and difficult to maneuver.


Different strokes for different folks, eh? Solar cover reels come in various materials like aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic. It’s a matter of picking your preference.

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Let’s not beat around the bush, budget is a crucial factor. Fortunately, there’s a wide range of options, so you’re bound to find one that won’t break the bank.

How to Install a Solar Cover Reel

First off, don’t get your knickers in a twist! Installing a solar cover reel is a piece of cake if you follow the steps carefully. The process can be as easy as 1-2-3, but we’ll break it down into more detailed steps to make sure you don’t miss a beat.

Assemble the Reel

Start by unpacking your reel and organizing the parts. Usually, it comes with all necessary parts including the reel, the base, and the straps to connect to your solar cover. Think of it like a jigsaw puzzle. You’re simply matching each piece to where it’s meant to go. Your instruction manual is your best friend here. It’s as handy as a pocket on a shirt, giving you a step-by-step guide.

Attach the Straps to the Solar Cover

This is where things might get a bit tricky, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. You’ll need to attach the straps from the reel to your solar cover. The straps are what pull the cover onto the reel. The precise method can vary between models, but generally, it involves securing the straps to the grommets on the solar cover. Don’t cut corners here; make sure those straps are secure!

Position the Reel

With your reel assembled and straps attached, it’s time to position the reel. This is usually at one end of your pool. The key is to ensure it’s easily accessible and won’t interfere with your pool fun. Remember, you want this to streamline your pool maintenance, not become a stumbling block.

Roll Up the Cover

Now we’re onto the home stretch! The final step is to roll up the solar cover onto the reel. This is where you’ll get to see the fruits of your labor. Simply pull on the handle of the reel, and your cover should smoothly roll onto it. If it doesn’t, double-check your straps and connections.

And just like that, you’ve installed your solar cover reel! All things considered, it’s not as tough as nails, is it? Once it’s done, it’s a game-changer, making the process of covering and uncovering your pool a cinch. It’s as if you’re rolling out the red carpet for your pool every time you uncover it.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so take your time to install the reel correctly. It’s better to get it right the first time than to have to go back and fix mistakes. Happy reeling!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do solar cover reels work with all pool shapes?

You bet! While some reels might work better with certain shapes, you’ll typically find a model to suit any pool, whether it’s round, rectangular, or even freeform.

Is it difficult to install a solar cover reel?

Not at all! The installation process is usually straightforward. It’s as easy as pie once you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Do solar cover reels require a lot of maintenance?

Nope! Solar cover reels are pretty low-maintenance. Just ensure the moving parts are lubricated once in a blue moon, and you’re golden.

Can I use a solar cover reel with any type of pool cover?

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Solar cover reels are specifically designed for solar covers. Trying to use them with heavier types of covers might lead to a fine kettle of fish.

How much does a solar cover reel cost?

The price range can be quite wide, depending on the material, quality, and brand. But rest assured, you can find a good one without having to pay an arm and a leg.

Can solar cover reels withstand harsh weather conditions?

While they’re built to be outdoors, it’s a good idea to cover them or bring them inside during extreme weather. Better safe than sorry, right?


In the grand scheme of things, a solar cover reel may not seem like a big deal. But it’s one of those things where once you’ve tried it, there’s no going back. The ease, the convenience, the time saved—it all adds up to make a compelling case for owning one. So, “Do You Need a Solar Cover Reel?” Only you can answer that question. But if you’ve ever been vexed by a stubborn solar cover or yearned for a tad more leisure time, we reckon a solar cover reel might just be the ticket!

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Do I need a reel for my solar cover? ›

Do You Need a Reel For Your Solar Cover? Honestly, no. But if you have a solar cover, you know how much of a pain it is to take the cover on and off your pool. Especially if you have a large inground pool.

Does a solar pool cover need to touch the water? ›

Generally, solar covers grip pretty well on the water surface and do not require anything to weigh them down or prevent blowing.

Do you leave pool pump on with solar cover? ›

Yes, you can safely use both at the same time! The pool cover does not have any effect on the pool pump circulating water around the pool. In fact, we would recommend it as it reduces the number of hours that the pump needs to be run and therefore extends the lifespan of your pool pump. Let's find out more!

Can I put solar cover on pool after shocking? ›

High Chlorine: Solar covers should never be used after shocking or super-chlorinating the pool. Leave a solar cover safely stored in the shade whenever chlorine level is higher than 2.5 ppm. Low pH: Solar covers will also degrade in acidic pH levels, when pH falls below neutral 7.0.

Should I leave solar pool cover on during rain? ›

You should use the pool cover if the rain is mild and doesn't come with severe wind. The cover will protect the pool water from the acidic rain bound to dilute the chlorine. The idea here is to avoid the stress of cleaning your pool and balancing the chemicals after a mild rain.

Does a solar cover keep pool warm at night? ›

There are many types of swimming pool covers; however, the solar cover, also known as a blanket, not only covers your pool, it captures solar energy to naturally raise the pool's water temperature. It heats the pool during the day and maintains its temperature at night.

When should you not put solar cover on pool? ›

Solar pool covers should be left off during the day to allow for even heating of the water. Pool covers should be taken off at least once a week to allow collected carbon dioxide to escape; too much carbon dioxide can make the water acidic. Unless the pool is in use, pool covers should always be used at night.

Does an above ground pool heat up faster with a solar cover? ›

Solar covers will help a pool warm up faster in the spring and help maintain warmth in a pool a little longer in the fall but one misconception about them is that they will warm up a pool in the dead of winter, which simply is not the case.

How fast does a solar cover heat a pool? ›

How Quickly Will a Solar Cover Heat my Swimming Pool? According to the experts, a fully covered pool will heat between 10-15 degrees in about 6 hours. There is mixed information out there. Some experts say that you will get 7-10 degrees with three consecutive days of sun.

Should solar cover be wider than pool? ›

Some customers prefer to purchase a pool solar heat cover that is slightly larger than their above ground pool size (e.g. size 14×20 cover for a 12×18 pool) because the extra length and width can extend onto the pools top ledge, keeping any debris on the cover and easy to remove with a leaf skimmer.

Can you use a pool cover without a roller? ›

We are often asked this question, and the short answer is 'no'. However, a roller does make handling a pool cover much easier. Without a roller the process of rolling and storing a blanket when not in use will need to be done manually which usually means getting down on hands and knees.

Where should I store my solar cover reel? ›

Most solar covers come with a large bag for storage. You can just pull the solar cover off of the pool, fold it and put it in the shed or garage. When storing your solar cover for the winter, use a swimming pool cover cleaner and deodorizer.

Which way do you roll a solar cover? ›

So always roll the cover OVER the roller tube to make using your roller easier. In short, OVER IS BEST!

Do you need a roller for a pool cover? ›

We are often asked this question, and the short answer is 'no'. However, a roller does make handling a pool cover much easier. Without a roller the process of rolling and storing a blanket when not in use will need to be done manually which usually means getting down on hands and knees.

How important are reel covers? ›

Reels covers can be used to give followers a glimpse at what your Reels are about when viewing your Grid. They also serve as a way to keep your grid looking cohesive. Reels tend to do better when shared to your Feed and Grid, so use covers as a way to share Reels to your Grid without affecting your aesthetic!

How do solar blanket reels work? ›

A solar blanket looks like a large sheet of bubble wrap. It effectively heats the pool water by allowing more of the sun's rays to enter the pool, while its air bubbles trap the pool's heat during the night. You should keep the cover on as much as possible between swims.

What is the best way to use a solar pool cover? ›

To get the most out of your solar pool cover, put it on whenever the pool isn't being used. During the day, you're most likely to get the most heat from your solar blanket. But it is also helpful to leave the solar blanket out during the night, as this will significantly decrease evaporation and heat loss.


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